Polystorm Soakaway System

The Polystorm soakaway system is a versatile, modern alternative to the traditional inefficient rubble-filled soakaway. Soakaways of any size or shape are easily constructed on site from a number of lightweight, load bearing, modular cells.


The modular nature of the system facilitates quick and easy assembly on site. Multiple configurations, of either attenuation or infiltration storage, can be formed from standard stock items.

Key Benefits

  • 95% void ratio providing greater storage capacity and reduced excavation and disposal costs.

  • Modular units allow flexibility of shape-ideal for shallow excavation systems, narrow strips, or use in restricted areas.

  • Minimum 40 tonnes per square metre load bearing capacity for trafficked applications


  Polystorm Crate


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Control of stormwater runoff from impermeable areas may be achieved in two ways

a) Attenuation            

b) Infiltration

 By slightly differing the installation, Polystorm may be utilised to achieve both of the above control methods. The main difference between the two control methods is the geosynthetic material used to encase the Polystorm units.

Product Data    

Unit type



1m x 0.5m x 0.4m high

Total volume

0.2m per cube

Unit weight


Cube storage system

0.19m (190 litres)

Surface area

45% perforated

Compressive strength

Minimum 40 tonnes per sq. metre


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